What is Flower Essence?

Flower essences are liquid extracts used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are part of an emerging field of subtle energy medicine. Flower essences are made with the energy of the flower.


Benefits of Chaste Berry Flower Essence:

Chaste Berry Flower Essence helps us be patient with the process necessary in change. These changes could be professional, such as a job change or promotion. They could be something personal, such as changes to relationships or even personal loss such as break-ups, death or someone moving away. This essence is also good for those going through changes in life such as puberty, mid-life or menopause or changes relating to illness or trauma.Some suggested uses are cancer patients, moving to a new place, job loss, menopause, mid-life crisis, loss of use of a limb, soldiers coming back from war, break-ups, death of a loved one, promotion, puberty, going through therapy, getting married.


Instructions: 4 drops four times a day. Take straight onto the tongue or mix in a glass of water and sip. As essences are also absorbed through the skin you can add some drops to a soothing bath or rub a few drops on the inside of your wrist.


Cautions: May cause allergic reaction

Chaste Berry "Flower Essence"

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Nikita Shefia

I love it! Love and happiness tea is so soothing. I am sipping it now as I write this while listening to earth sounds. The tea calms my mind and it also tastes good.

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Your love and happiness taste so good and it really did the job. I've been laughing and feeling good every since I started taking this tea. Great job I will order agai

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Ashton Mills

I purchased the Cell Cleanse & system restore from here about 3months ago. As of today Oct 2nd I'm feeling such better!! I really thank you qing. I was in so much pain and feeling weak all the time. I really thank God for bringing into my life

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Pain Away worked great for my sciatica pain rubbed it in and 10-15min later i was pain free thank you

5.0 5 People love it

Jasmine K

Thank you so much! That was a quick delivery! I love my selenite wand ;)p I felt the energy through the package I have to get more Powerful stuff

5.0 5 People love it

Anthony C.

Its a great product it really did the job in the bedroom :)

5.0 5 People love it

Henderson, Nevada

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