QinGdom is here to guide and awaken our lost youth, friends, and family. We are providing a helping hand in healing from Drug Addiction to Mental and Physical Disease awakening and reawakening souls all over the world. While providing knowledge about drugs, what's making our communities sick and many other topics untold through mainstream media and 12 step programs. All are welcome when we unite through Music, Social and Community Events, Workshops, and more. We all have a role to play in making our world into an amazing place to live with our collective energy/consciousness. Many will benefit from Qingdom in our communities for we are dedicated to awakening and healing the world. Qingdom provides various services; freedom from Addiction and Disease, Crystal and Herbal Healing, Meditation, Yoga, and more. We need your help to get the funds for our Venue to hold events and to provide more space for our amazing services. There is a spiritual and physical war against our communities nationally and worldwide, it's time we get our communities aware, healed and united. The revolution is now. We cannot do this without your contribution let's unite on a mission to get our communities on a spiritual path of enlightenment and purification.

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